Are you looking for a beautiful Flemish male voice-over?

My voice sounds deep, warm and radiates confidence.
I like clarity in our collaboration: from quotation to delivery.

Free Trial

I'll make it easy for you. Send me a piece of your script. I speak a free and no-obligation test recording for you. And then you decide all by yourself.

Requested before 4 p.m.?

Rapid service. Order the Flemish Voice Over before 4:00 p.m.? Then you'll receive the finished audio by tomorrow at the latest in your mailbox.

Not quite satisfied?

Money back guarantee! Not satisfied? Then you'll get your money back. No reason to doubt.

That's what my voice sounds like.

In this video you can hear some different voice examples.

How much does a voice-over cost?

IVR – Voicemail – On-holdmessage
Visit my webshop to request phone messages.

30 € / message
Distribution: Non-commercial
The voice-over is not for advertising purposes.
The right of use (unlimited time) is included in the price.
Fixed starting cost per call session€ 210
+ Price per word€ 0,15 / word
Distribution: commercial
In a radio, TV or web commercial through advertising budget.
The right of use is limited to 1 year in Belgium and limited to the agreed channel.
Radio & TV commercial - Regional€ 210
Web commercial (Preroll / Ads)€ 270
Radio commercial – National€ 360
TV commercial – National€ 450 (from)
Extra tag-on+25%

Let me record your English voice-over text.

Click on the picture to enable me as an English voice-over.
Any questions? Call +32475263105 or mail


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What other customers thought of our collaboration.

I worked as English Voice-Over already for beautiful customers worldwide. I have a home studio in Brussels (Belgium), but also enjoy coming to your studio in Paris, Amsterdam, London or Berlin.

And I'm proud of the 5-star rating on Google.
Thanks for your trust and see you next time!
Niels Hemmeryckx

Niels Hemmeryckx


Fast, smooth and correct service. Beautiful audio delivered at an affordable price. I had asked for some changes after the trial version, this was immediately taken into account and in no time I got the version I hoped it would be.

Mony Raanan

Mony Raanan

Voice Crafters

Very happy with Johfrah's work! He is professional, his turnaround time is excellent, the sound quality and his voice are fantastic! We'll be working with Johfrah again in the future for sure! Highly recommended!

Sara Krieckemans

Sara Krieckemans

Audio Post Production

Johfrah is a very professional voice actor. Works very smoothly with director and technique. Communicates very clearly. Is employable in the short term, which is very important in the world of advertising. Recommended!

Johannes Broux

Johannes Broux


Very efficient, fast communication. Request for trial vote to final result, including adjustments, was completed within 24 hours. Very reachable, which is very handy with deadlines breathing down your neck. You can count on Johfrah!

Anthony Magnus

Anthony Magnus

Web developer

Nothing but praise for our cooperation! Johfrah communicated with us quickly and clearly and understood where we wanted to go, so we quickly got to the desired voice-over. His voice, drive and working are an absolute asset and a pleasure to work with.

Gunter Lories

Gunter Lories


Pleasant experience! As manager of a company where quality and service are trumps, it is nice to be able to work with people who share this attitude. From the first contact we were informed about what to expect and when. The agreements were fulfilled with a result that meets the expectations. We are already looking forward to the next collaboration. Thank you Johfrah.

Learn more about Johfrah

English Voice-Over with Professional Home Studio
- Neuman TLM 102
- Focusrite ISA One
- Auralex acoustic treatment
- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
- Live direction via Skype, Sourceconnect,... possible!

Friendly and professional service:
- Ready within 24 hours.
- Not satisfied? Refund!
- Well directed.
- You will receive several retakes - until the result is good.

Do you want a free trial?

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